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DayTrakk's Product Page

    What is DayTrakk in a nutshell?   DayTrakk is a web based appointment calendar system that one or more
    of your employees can use and share with your customers.
    No Big Software Investment   No client software to install, no licensing fees and no
    contracts, just a simple and affordable monthly payment.
    More time for you to do your business   Let DayTrakk do most of the work for you, so you
    can focus on other important tasks with your business.   While you use DayTrakk, you also are
    dynamically creating/storing your report information like customer billing and appointment
    utilization. Store your customer contact info just by taking an appointment and enable
    the tracking of your business with your custom event categories.
    Easy to Use   DayTrakk, uses your favorite web browser and our simple, non-cluttered intuitive
    calendar interface. No bulky, overwhelming screens here, just quick and informative.
    You Don't have to worry about your information   We worry for you. Still using a paper ledger or calendar that could be misplaced or stolen? Our web site is guaranteed at 99.9% of uptime and we also backup your data weekly. Storing your information on our site allows us to create dynamic reports for you about your business anytime.
    And More...   If you have your own web site, you can use DayTrakk's remote calendar view for your
    customers/clients to view your availability. They can even schedule an appointment through this
    calendar if you enable this feature. Email alerts, multiple users, no limit on customers, all for the
    same affordable monthly price($25).

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